Creating a picture book with InDesign

I got the illustrations from my illustrator. I’m super happy about it. Now it’s just a matter of creating the picture book.

Just a matter of …

Since I decided to do everything myself to reduce costs, but seeing that I want my album to be as professional as possible, I still invested in the InDesign software which is the one everyone uses to create books.

And now, I say, thank you to Youtube and all the tutorials on how to use this software. Thank you to all those illustrators who took the time to explain how it works and how to successfully work on this software. Just type “How to inDesign ” to find lots of videos.

In fact, it’s a bit like everything – well, I will not put in this category the work of Thomas Pesquet and the other astronauts of the space station – but hey, at my small level of earthling, you just need to get on with it to be successful.

Of course I’m not saying it’s easy. There is a certain learning curve, filled for me with repressed cries, clenching teeth and “I don’t understand! “But after not that long – a week – I managed to format my picture book.

So, yes, it is possible. Of course obviously my picture book is pretty basic; with text at the top or bottom of the illustration. There is no text in the round, or artwork that gets lost in the gutter. But still, I am proud of my small result. It looks good, it looks professional. And the most important thing, is that I’m happy about it. And as an indie, it’s the road that is beautiful, not the end, so having something to be happy about it simply wonderful.

So much for the session, self-congratulation. We need it sometimes.