Walk around the quarter la Défense

If you live in Paris, but in the west, La Défense is for you a business district where you get lost going out of the subway.

So, yes, it is a business district, and you, or rather, I get lost every time I get out of the Subway station, mais it’s not just that. There are also a lot of modern art to discover.

So, I give you that it may sound a bit hypster to say “oh, how about seeing some modern art”, but, in truth, no. Because those modern pieces are crazy enough for the kids to seize them and transform them into slides or climbing walls. In short for them to have a good time.


To get there, take ligne N°1

 stop Grand Arche de la Défense. You can also take the RER, but if you don’t hold a Pass Navigo, you must know

 that the RER stop, which is by the way just next to the metro stop, isn’t in the same zone, and therefore, it’ll cost you more… right, no one asks why, no, you do not ask questions.

So, back to where I was, going out Grande Arche de la Défense. Most of the arts are exposed along the big esplanade.

Here is a link so you can have an idea about what y

ou’ll see. Click here

And here is a pdf to do a fun walk.

Happy modern art sight seeing.