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Now let me introduce myself. My name is Marie and I’m a childrens’ books author and incidentally mother of three.

So what can you expect from this newsletter?

First and foremost, good mood vibes. Because good vibes makes you feel well good, they’re free and they’re contagious.

In my newsletter I’ll share little tricks to make a mum’s -and a dad’s I don’t forget them- life a little easier. It’ll go from knowing how to deal with a two years old when passing by that beautiful toy shop window, to keeping up to speed with our teens video games.

I’ll share books that I like in the children’s departement, from picture book to YA novels.

And to sum it up, I’ll do a little chapter on things I wished I had known when I was younger, so that we can pass them on to our kids.

That’s it. Don’t hesitate to write to me to tell me the little daily problems you’re facing with your kids. Together we’ll find a solution.

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