Play-doh recipe

So, yes, I know the net is full of play-doh recipe, but as I’m sharing here what I love to do with my kids, I thought I might as well share my recipe.

Again, this recipe is simple, easy to do and doesn’t take hours to do.


Mix:                1 cup Flour

                        ½ cup Salt

                        1 tea spoon Vegetal Oil

                        2 tea spoon Baking Soda

                        2-3 drops food coloring ( optional)

Boil                 1 cup Water

Mix the water with the flour

Be careful not to let your kid deal with boiling the water or pouring it. you also need to take a wooden spoon to mix, until the mixture has cool down.

Courtesy of Garnet

Once the doh has cooled down, you can get as messy and creative as you want.