A stroll in Paris

So, lock-down being what it is, it’s difficult to find fun things to do. Plus it’s starting to be sunny, so we all feel like going out, and the kids needs to move even more, if that’s possible.

So here is a fun stroll that I did with my ten year old daughter and she loved it.

The Parisian “passages”.

These are covert pedestrian shopping arcades that dates from the late eighteen and nineteenth century.

There are quite a few in Paris, but I suggest you go and do the simplest route. And by doing that you’ll also see the most beautiful ones.

Go out, Métro Cadet, ligne 7.

In front of you, take the rue Cadet. And at the end, at the crossing in front of you, starts the “Passage Verdeau.” Then you just need to keep going to find the “passage Jouffroy, the passage des Panoramas, et the Galerie Vivienne.”

It’s like going back in time, a little enchanting moment to share with your kids. And personally, I love imagining myself living in those times;

Happy strolling.